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Our Mission

Here at ShadowQuillsInk, we're devoted to bringing indie creators together in one place as a community and growing our talents. We strive to see a million indie creators, all working together to help each other grow and reach their ideal audience. To that end, we're reaching out to authors, artists, editors, publishers, bookstores and more to create the largest hub on the internet for independent creators of all kinds. At ShadowQuillsInk, we'll do our utmost to help you grow in your field(s) and reach your goals, whatever they may be. Because we're creators ourselves.

About Us: About Me
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I always said that what I wanted to do was "help people," and now I've decided how I want to do that. I helped found ShadowQuillsInk because I believe the art of storytelling -- that creating in general! -- is something that's meant to be shared, not restricted by paywalls, distance, or reputation.

I'm always learning and practicing old and new skills, through both my own studies and life experiences. I pull on all of that pre-existing knowledge to help creatives reach their goals.

And anytime I encounter something I don't know? I find a way to learn it and add it to my repertoire!

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I'm one of the founders of ShadowQuillsInk and a creator who's loved stories ever since I was a child. I helped found SQI because I believe in the power of the Writing Community. With so many traditional publishing routes suffering in the face of industry takeovers, I stand determined to keep this space alive and provide affordable editing to creatives like you!

I've been writing for nine years, and I use that experience to help polish writing projects to the next level.

It's my life's goal to become a Master in the Art of Storytelling. I still have a long way to go, but I believe helping creatives like you improve their storytelling skills will allow all of us to grow in the end.

About Us: Meet the Team
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