​Help us hire employees, like other editors, translators, cover artists, and maybe even an app designer/programmer someday!

Also, we plan on having a booth at conventions (once things calm down), and we want to sell some of your works and merch when we do! But to do that, we'll need to be able to cover travel expenses and buy booth supplies.

Of course, there are more immediate benefits to you:

  • Advertising for your name and projects on our monthly promotional

  • Editing Tokens from a Beta Review up to the Full Package Deal.

  • And, for those feeling particularly generous, a place on our Featured Works & Hall of Fame subpage!



We are looking to expand our editing and community-based services into the self-publishing industry to provide an alternative outlet for the Indie Community to market their products and reach consumers. Our current site is only set up to handle editing and basic promotional services.

We require an advanced database to host the products themselves, professional designers to refine our website — as well as a secure office-space to keep the servers in.

We want to help indie creators reach their goals, whatever they may be because we're creators ourselves. Will you help us reach ours?